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We just love Animals!

Our little 65 acre family farm is located in the gently rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia. It is home to a wide variety of animals including Egyptian Arabian Horses, Bernese Mountain dogs, house and barn cats, and of course, my beloved Pugs and Boston Terriers. Fresh air, green grass, and plenty of space make this our little Heaven on Earth. My mother, a great inspiration for me, has raised dogs and horses here for 40 years, and I plan on doing the same. We are not a kennel - we are hobby breeders, plain and simple, doing this for the love of the breed(s). 

All of my dogs are raised on a holistic diet of premium kibble and a wet mix that I cook myself. It consists of lean meats, rice, vegetables, coconut oil, fresh eggs, and any other seasonal foods. No outside kennels for these pups! - They rule the house, the couch, and our hearts! 

About Us

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